We really want your child to jump aboard with all of Pre-School life.

Local Offer

Choosing a nursery or pre school can be one of the most important decisions you have to make as a parent during your child's early years.

All schools and early years settings have a "Local offer" in place helping you make an informed choice on the support your child may need.

Our Local offer gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities, and their families, information about the support we provide.

Download our Local Offer Here

Lots to do

All Aboard Pre School offers a wide variety of activities for your child to do whilst they are with us ...

  • Craft Area - A favourite with the children, here they can enjoy painting, chalking and lots of gluing and sticking.
  • Play Dough - Home Made Play Dough with a vast selection of tools and accessories.
  • Sand/Water - Alternated each session with a varied selection of resources.
  • Number and Shape Area - Number, Colour and Shape based activities and resources.
  • Small world Area - Lots of Roll Play toys, cars, dolls house, dinosaurs and farm.
  • Building Area - Lots of building activities, bricks, blocks, marble run, road and rail sets.
  • Drawing & Cutting area - papers, pencils, crayons, scissors, stencils and stampers.
  • Let's Pretend Play Area - It could be a shop, a doctor's surgery, a kitchen, a workshop or whatever else the children imagine it to be.
  • Two computers - with a selection of age appropriate software.
  • Explore & Discovery Area - Magnets, Binoculars, Musical Instruments, Shells, Mini Beasts, Torches and Magnifying Glasses.
  • Book Corner - A quiet comfy area with a wide choice of books to look at, stories to listen to and a variety of puzzles.
  • Outside Garden Play - Caterpillar, slide, sand box, trampoline, scooters and variety of smaller equipment such as balls, ribbons and hoops.
  • Weekly Walk - in the local area to the park or local school playground.


We have a whole group snack time, sitting in our keygroups. Children need to bring their own snack to pre school each day (2 snacks if staying all day). It needs to be a healthy choice, such as fruit, vegetables, breadsticks, yoghurt, cheese. No sweets, crisps, chocolate or cakes please. We provide water and milk to drink, in line with government guidelines the milk provided is semi-skimmed.


If you child is staying all day they will need to bring a packed lunch. We are unable to store the lunch boxes in a fridge, although they are kept in a cool area. We would recommend that in the warmer months a cold pack is included.

Keeping you updated

You will find that as soon as your child starts pre-school when asked what they did at school today they will possibly reply "can't remember" or "nothing"! We assure you that this really won't be the case - we have lots on offer and have a number of ways of keeping you in the know ...

Children's folders

Each child has a named folder stored in a box at the front of the hall, just inside the main door, which you will need to check each day. These folders contain any work, letters and information that need to go home (to save them for getting lost in pockets or bags).

Monthly Newsletter

Lets you know what is happening aboard the All Aboard Pre-School, including children's birthdays and walk dates. It also includes other important dates such as holidays, visitors, photographers, etc.

Coming in to Play

We have an open door policy and therefore you are welcome to come in and play whenever suits you. There is an opportunity to climb aboard at All Aboard Pre school for the morning or just for an hour and share with your children the activities and equipment we have to offer. It is a great way for you to get to know the staff, especially your child's key person.


We aim to take the children out to use the playground facilities in Gatcombe Park Primary School, the local park, or just for a walk around the local area one morning a week. It will be on a different morning each week to ensure as many children as possible get the opportunity to go. If any parents/carers are available on these days to help, please just let us know. Your help is very much appreciated and the children love to get to know the parents of their friends.

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